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Evidence Based Security
Complete Coverage of Assets
Continuous Automated Security
People Defined Security
End to end application & Data Security
Prevent the attacks of tomorrow
Secure your software by design
Optimize Cloud Spend
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As data continues to grow, IT infrastructure and strategy have become a critical part of overall business strategy, creating challenges for CIOs in managing digital assets. To address these challenges, organizations are focusing on implementing information management and communications solutions and products. eCLOUD is dedicated to providing advanced technology solutions and services by partnering with leading vendors in the field of information management and communications, to offer comprehensive and interoperable enterprise solutions.

Network & Infrastructure Security

Next Generation Firewall
Network Access Control
DDOS Protection
Advanced Threat Protection

Network Analysis & Forensics
Application Delivery Controller
Zero Trust Network Access
Attack Path Management

Endpoint, Mobile & Messaging Security

Endpoint Detection & Response
Email Security
Mobile Security

SIEM | IR | Threat Intelligence

Security Analytics
Security Incident Response
Threat Intelligence
Threat Modelling

Cloud & Big Data

Cloud Cost Optimization
Real-Time Data Integration

Data Security

Data Classification
Data Loss Prevention
Managed File Transfer

Database Security
File Integrity Monitoring

Web & Application Security

Web Security
Web Application Firewall | API Security
Application Security Testing

Digital Risk & Compliance

Digital risk Management
Vulnerability Management
Security Awareness Training

Identity & Access Management

Identity & Access Management
Privileged Management
Multi Factor Authentication

Consumer Identity
Identity Governance
Certificate Life Cycle Management